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Crystals in the Matrix is a combination of two therapies: Crystal Healing and Matrix Reimprinting. Both techniques help clients resolve emotional and physical issues but in different ways. By utilising both methods clients experience a unique experience.
Matrix reimprinting is a technique devised by Karl Dawson an EFT master. Clients step into the matrix (energy field) and communicate with their ECHO (Energy consciousness holograms), themselves in the past or future. By working with specific ECHOs from particular memories clients are able to change the energy around traumatic, unhappy & frightening experiences. They can also, work with ECHOs from the future to help them make sense of their current life situation. Then bring a more positive energy into being. Clients are able to gain insight into what is going on in their subconscious mind and often comment on feeling a shift followed by changes in their lives. In the matrix we use EFT (emotional freedom technique, basically acupuncture without needles) to help clients to access memories from young childhood if necessary and thereby changing patterns they have been running for many years. As Karl says “it is never too late to have a happy childhood.”

I have used this technique with many clients as I have crystal therapy and have seen their lives completely transform. I decided to integrate my crystal knowledge into my matrix reimprinting work as I felt that by using crystals with clients and their ECHOs the whole healing experience would be enhanced.

I use the crystals in several ways including enabling communication with ECHOs, support for clients, helping to move towards a more healthy balanced state, as an aid in the learning experience, with past life work, to help integrate their new pictures in the matrix, to enhance clarity, and to help with any problems with self-sabotage. I allow clients to choose crystals for themselves, or I may select a crystal prior to or during a session. Clients may hold the crystal to a particular body part, chakra or EFT point. For example, I have used Celestine to help with mental clarity in the matrix, and Unakite held on the third eye to bring issues of the past to the present so they can be dealt with. Rose Quartz I often use to help the client to comfort the ECHO and reassure them of the love between them. When in the Matrix we encourage clients to understand the learning behind a emotional pattern and I have found my faithful Desert Rose Selenite has really helped clients understand and strengthen the learning behind their particular patterns. I have also used Tigers Eye when a client’s ECHO has felt they need protection from something they perceive as frightening or threatening.
I will now give a more in depth example of how working with Crystal in the Matrix can really help a client resolve a long standing issue. This client had a constant and extremely irritating sinus issue, and had been back and forth to the doctors on many occasions with little relief. From the perspective I work from my client and I tried to understand their sinus problem from an emotional stance. However, they had no conscious knowledge as to what was behind this problem. Intuitively, I decided to hand my client a Lapis Lazuli, which among other things is a thought amplifier I also, began some tapping (used in EFT) which often helps bring old memories to the forefront of the mind. This seemed to do the trick as he suddenly had this memory of ‘blood.’ From a META-Medicine perspective which I won’t go into here, suffice to say that a sinus problems can be related to ‘a stinking conflict’ which made sense as my clients memory of ‘blood’ seemed to be related to the horrible smell of blood my client felt.
My client began to work with his ECHO to help resolve the emotional problems this memory held. He realised that the horrible blood smell memory was connected to when he was in hospital for an operation on his sinuses; the man in the bed next to him was very poorly and was near death. Again, I intuitively chose a crystal, Carnelian this time. As I handed it to my client he immediately held the crystals to his chest (an area of the body related to fear of death in META-Medicine) this stone being known to help with a fear of death was a very interesting choice. We decided to aid this gentleman’s passing by offering him some Angelite to help him pass and my clients ECHO felt calmer at this point.
Throughout this process my client was communicating with his ECHO who felt reassured by my client’s presence. As my client offered the dying man the angelite I noticed my client clasped the piece of Amethyst he chose for himself at the beginning of the session. I asked what was happening he said his ECHO “was feeling bruised and in pain.” as he focused back on himself. Amethyst is a good pain reliever so I don’t think it was a coincidence that he clasped the stone to help with the bruising the ECHO was feeling after his operation.
Finally, the ECHO explained that he didn’t feel his parents helped him in this situation and he was very angry about that. After some tapping to lower the angry feelings the ECHO indicated he did wish to forgive his parents and had that conversation with them. I was dowsing at this time to see if any crystals could help here and Rose Quartz came up, which felt so right to finish with the perfect love stone. My client physically gave a sigh of relieve and I could see their body relax. We worked together on a few more aspects of this problem but a few months have now past since these sessions and my clients’ sinus problem does not seem to be a problem to them anymore.
I have been privileged enough to be a part of many clients’ wonderful journeys into the matrix and with the help of crystals have seen some equally wonderful results in terms of health, wellbeing and understanding and altering unhealthy subconscious patterns they have been running for years.
I am an EFT practitioner and trainer and Matrix Reimprinting trainer (one of only 19 in the world). I also hold a Certificate in Crystal Therapy and have almost completed my third year of studying crystals. I regularly run courses in both therapies as well day workshops including the very popular “crystals in the matrix”.

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