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How Matrix Reimprinting can help with self confidence

“I was completely lost, had no self-confidence and feared rejection… there were so many things I was afraid to do or say”, these are the words spoken by one of my clients when they first came to see me. When I first met Tina I was aware of her warm nature, but it seemed squashed, she was lacking in confidence and would constantly ask me to tell her how to deal with a situation, she really didn’t trust anyone. Although Tina does not want me to go into great detail about her situation, it is reasonable to say that she had been in a very negative relationship which left her fearful and scared of rejection and she desperately wanted to feel better and change her life. After just one session of Matrix Reimprinting where we worked on a very upsetting & frightening childhood experience, she contacted me to say that she was surprised by just how much more confident she felt. It may sound odd that from her issues of a negative relationship we worked on a childhood memory but this is normal in the world of Matrix Reimprinting and if you want to understand why then please read Karl’s book. This first session was the beginning of Tina’s personal transformation.
When Karl explained to me that the theme for this newsletter was connection I immediately thought of Tina. Her journey through Matrix Reimprinting has enabled her to feel more connected with her true self in terms of honouring her own needs, listening to her heart and making positive choices about her own life. Perhaps the most inspiring connections were of that with her family. After a few sessions working through her fear of rejection she explained to me how she was going to see her sister and mother after 3 years of no contact whatsoever with them. It was something she realised she wanted to do; she wanted to forgive and enjoy being with them again. She described the feeling as “relief beyond my comprehension”. She then contacted them and has enjoyed several months together. Her mother recently passed away and Tina was by her side. Her connection with people in general has also altered considerably, from “I got to the point where I couldn’t go places if people asked me to” to “I have noticed how different I am around people now… people want to spend time in my company”.
One of the most interesting aspects of working with Tina was how she thought that going back to some childhood issues would be so hard to do, too upsetting, she was very worried that she would re live those traumatic experiences, but as you can see from the video, she says that was not the case at all. The beauty of Matrix Reimprinting is that you do not re traumatize yourself, but you do address those negative emotions which can still be having a significant impact on your life today. In Tina’s case she realised after her initial session how simple the process was, she was not only less worried to look at upsetting events from her past but actually found some sessions quite fun. If you are not used to Matrix Reimprinting this may sound a bit odd but it does occur, obviously this is not the case for everyone but it certainly was for Tina.
Tina’s introduction to Matrix Reimprinting was the beginning of a wonderful journey of self-love, trust, confidence building and the connection with so many new friends. I cannot possibly over estimate how much Tina’s life has changed. Where she found it easier to stay in she is now out socialising regularly. Where she doubted her own judgements she is now confident to trust in her own feelings. Where she feared rejection now she does what she feels is right for her without worrying about what others may think or say. Where she was not comfortable meeting new people she now loves making new friendships and finds people interesting. I could go on but I think you get the picture.
As you can see through Matrix Reimprinting Tina has made massive changes to her life, changes that she never believed could happen, but they have. In contrast to the negative words spoken by Tina at the beginning of this article I will leave you with her words now, “I feel confident, lighter, more able to say what I want, I have noticed how different I am around people. One of my favourite things is laughing at myself when I think I can’t do something “. So come on, jump on the Matrix Reimprinting train and see how your life can change for the better, take that journey to change and connect.

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