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Janice Thompson


“ I will guarantee you one thing: META-Health will turn your world upside down and inside out when it comes to thinking about disease, pain, ailments, syndromes and psychological issues” Richard Flook.

About META-Health

META-Health is a diagnostic tool I use to help find the true cause of any illness, dis-ease, physical or emotional problem. META- Health works from the premise that the body does not make mistakes. Therefore, any ‘problems’ with the body is the bodies way of trying to get you to deal with the stress based issue you have not dealt with. META-Health is designed to find out why you are ill, what caused it, what stages of the process you are at and what will be the next stage. Once this information has been gained one or more of the therapies I am trained in will assist you back to wellness, the bodies natural state.

What are the benefits of META-Health to you?

The benefits of a META-Health diagnosis to you is that you actually get to the root of your problem, instead of just dealing with the symptoms (which we generally do and which so often means the return of them at some point). By finding the true cause of your problem whether it be physical or psychological we can then work together to assist your body to return to it’s natural state of wellbeing.

META-Health re- empowers you, by helping you to understand about your particular illness, dis-ease or emotional problem. It puts you back in the driving seat on the road to your own recovery. Once you understand that your problem is a way for your body to try and communicate with you and guide you to a resolution you will feel more in control which in itself will have a positive affect on your health and ultimately to your recovery.


META-Health will generally be used in conjunction with one of the energy therapies I use therefore a typical session would consist of 1 hour for diagnosis and 1 hour for therapy.
It is possible to do these two hour sessions separately however but it is generally recommended they are done together.

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